Day 6 – WJI

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Dr. Olasky talks on Objectivity


I am back. In the flesh (and/or written words).

Today was the dreaded day of doom. We were on the live end of the microphone.

Honestly, I’ve been the most nervous about this whole radio gig. I’ve never even really listened to  radio. But Mr. Eicher possesses the patience you would imagine the soul behind a radio voice to possess. I just feel like a cow.

We had a mini-press conference with two Alliance Defending Freedom lawyers today. My arm aches from holding my phone above the masses.

All three gentlemen from ADF were amazing. I felt properly intimidated and subtly cheered-on at the same time. I think we were all freaked out, but the intensity of the moment made us forget our nerves, narrow our eyes, and yell over the maddening crowd.*

After writing some on the whole Sweet Cakes discrimination case in my hometown, I was a lot more interested in the whole legal side of ADF and ACLU.

Dr. Olasky also gave us a short talk on objectivity. I really appreciated the recap from his books.
Plus, it sparked some good discussion. (Like Mrs. Olasky asking tough questions…)

We went out to pizza, which was an arduous affair and then split ways–some to the drum circle, others to the office to record. I’m still at WORLD now, so, despite being somewhat of a loser on my assignments, I feel sort of like a real journalist. (Also, I am drinking nefarious** green juice. This does not have to do with being a journalist, but is noteworthy.)

I feel disappointed with myself generally, but in good ways. Things are better and more wonderful than I anticipated (and I expected it to be grand).

And everyone is basically magical and wise. And kind. (i.e. Mr. Pitts just came back to stay with us at the office. Mr. Eicher is still doing recordings.)

I’m so thankful for this opportunity and hope I can do it better justice after a night’s/morning’s sleep. Think the migraine aftermath is finally fleeing. Hallelujah.

Stay tuned for random/non-day posts.


*Speaking of, when I get home, should we go see Far from the Madding Crowd? It looked questionable in the preview. Even though I have a dark soft spot for Thomas Hardy, I thought it might be one to skip. WORLD’s new review of it makes it look more promising… Costumes, music, and acting all look satisfactory, at least.

**I’ve been wanting to use this word all day. It just didn’t seem very objective and appropriate until just now.

***Footnotes are for you, Sue. Also, I had Chick fil A.


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