Day 9 – WJI

Learned personages tell us when working for WORLD meant “walking five miles in the snow. Uphill. Both ways.”

It’s Memorial Day. I did not know this until we tried to stop at the bank.

But a day I’ve looked forward to finally arrived. Mindy Belz came and talked about international reporting. While, really all types of reporting because all writing is translation.

Translation. I really appreciated that thought. Sometimes, writing for our local newspaper, I feel more like I’m in a strange land than when I’m traveling.

We had another obituary powwow.

Unfortunately (as providence would have it), my subject died at just the wrong time so my obit won’t be used for anything. He passed at a ripe old age just two days after giving 12.5 million dollars to his state’s university and celebrating on stage. He was in Puerto Rico two months ago. I feel like he lived a full life and went in a good way. Just poorly timed.

Going through everyone’s assignments line by line the second time helped see how much we’ve learned/have to learn. Although it can be as tedious as a king, it is one of my favorite activities. I feel like we can learn so much practical stuff all at once. Plus, it reminds me of Daniel (my eldest bro who gets giddy in an oh-so-manly-and-knightly way over fiddling with individual sentences).

Turns out Thomas knows lots of random, weird facts. Betty White really died XX. And Mr. Pitts zoomed around in humvees with canvas doors!?

Dr. Olasky admitted he tried to take down our self-esteem last week and said he would try to take our esteem down for WORLD this week. So far, I don’t think it’s working (the second part). I’m not sure he can do anything to deter us from dreaming of becoming interns… 😉

We got out early and knew not what to do with ourselves. I went to the store and bought three bottles of medicine. Sipped kombucha (North Carolina apparently only stocks one brand and about five flavors compared to Oregon’s shelves and shelves!) while rephrasing sentences in my head on the trek back.

Then, we had the most amazing dinner and relaxation at the Martin home together and with story-filled, humor-infused WORLD people. So thankful for the Martins’ hospitality and the time to discuss, eat (it’s a big deal when you’re living off protein powder), and enjoy the universe generally.

We’re on the way back and I’m typing this sorry excuse for a blog post on my phone.

This week, I need to get plane tickets for my couple much-anticipated summer weeks in Eastern Europe (this is why I was at the bank without any active personal or security systems…). If you know me and all the backstory, please pray I would make the best decision about dates and travel.


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