Drive by Profiling (pt 1)- WJI

So, I’ve been wanting to hopefully not offend everyone here for awhile…

I don’t have any good pictures yet, but meet some of the awesome folks with whom I slave/enjoy Asheville:

Last week, Heather got a tattoo. It’s a still slightly puckered triangle on her arm and, according to Pinterest where Heather discovered the design, symbolizes exploration. Heather grew up in a bi-cultural household and is a child of the universe. She is destined to travel the earth in search of wonders. And she will write about them in her clear way that some of us seriously lack.

Also, she holds a pencil like the pros and so will go far. And she has endured me weeping while I spewed my life story, so we can assume she can do most distasteful things with gracious class.

Faith copes with stress by way of online shopping, meaning she does not freak out or trouble her compatriots’ souls. She owns the most remarkable and colorful coded schedule and works hard, laughs on the phone, and helps the world be a tall, beautiful-haired place.

By way of his great height, Thomas posesses an unfair advantage in the press gaggle. It’s a  fault he makes up for by exuding random expertise and curiosity (did you know pilot Chuck Yeager shot 11 1/2 planes or how many stadiums are in Detroit? I didn’t think so). He also prevents us from getting too serious.

I think all of these aspects will help Thomas go far in the news world and/or China, prison, or what have you.

Margaret is one of the gracious and patient drivers of the masses. She goes to Moody Bible Institute and thus has her own organ music entrance theme in my head.

Her big eyes and languid tones even when stressed give her a determined independence. She’ll edit her school newspaper in the fall and, you know, go to Kenya.

Watch for the revival of the Moody paper and also, in the later days, some features Margaret is likely to produce. 

Besides generating lots of questions in class and being all pro calling politicians and such, Evan contributes to our reasons to laugh (interpret that as you may) and shares his laundry detergent. He also investigates things that go boom in the night (and/or drunken men who open Maragret’s bed curtain, shuffle around endlessly, and throw up in our garbage can).

In bygone days, Evan wanted to be a sports journalist (a noble calling, no doubt), but I think/hope his reporting on the world and politics will soon be coming to a magazine near you.

He is also most likely to receive calls from Thomas’ mom… And so we shall close…


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