Day 12 – WJI

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Been saving this baking chocolate for the right moment…

Our last day of writing. *insert feelings*

I had a grand morning trying to wrastle through summer plans and travel and arrived at the WORLD office to the most beautiful bowl of almonds and sour patch kids (Sandy <3).

We plunged back into our AP news rewrites.

I’d spent most of the night watching politicians saying the same thing in three different ways without actually saying anything.
Thinking back…I’m not sure it was the best use of my research time. I never got a hold of any of my historians. But I still think this news piece turned out better than the cowboys garble (granted, that’s not saying too much).

Susan Olasky spoke to us at lunch about her life and writing saga. It was my favorite lunch.

Then we plunged into peer + Mr. Pitt’s edits on our AP articles. We have a long ways to go…but I think we’re making progress.

Dr. Olasky gave us the last segment of our worldview sessions complete with helpful diagrams and discussion on the most disturbing Bible stories…

Then the real terror began. While Mrs. Olasky discussed our book reviews, students marched up the stairs and long, dark halls one by one. We each received an eval and intern possibility/future relation to WORLD discussion with either Mr. Pitts or Dr. Olasky. My nerves were such a wreck for those I wanted to get the intern positions. I needed to eat half of a baking chocolate bar when we got back to the hostel to calm myself.

Onize and Kaylen waiting for our very important fries.
Onize and Kaylen waiting for our very important fries.

Instead of sticking around at the office, we went out to eat and strolled to a nearby park where we sat at Mr. Pitt’s feet for our final “news huddle.” He gave us 4 Ps to remember: persevere, be present, put people first, and always prepare. He illustrated them with enough stories from his time reporting in Iraq, I think it will be impossible to forget them.
One of my favorite moments.

Mr. Pitts. Enough said.
Mr. Pitts. Enough said.

I think it will take many moons to process everything from the past two weeks. Don’t expect me to try to hash it out here until I’m on the plane and have at least a little retrospect and sleep.

Tomorrow we start and finish (if we have success) our last project. A video. Hopefully Sarah, my video partner, knows how to use all the buttons.


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